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use of boots instead of shoes.

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use of boots instead of shoes.
  • [h3]I am thinking of using boots instead of shoes on our horses to ride in the mountains. What are the pros and cons.[/h3]
  • Cheaper in the long run. [':)']
    What part of TN? I just moved from the Memphis area to CT!
    We are in the Cherokee National in southeast corner of the state.
    How long have you been using boots?
  • We live in the Cherokee National Forest in the southeast corner of the state.
    How long have you been using boots?
  • My Stb has super sensitive feet. We've done the barefoot trim for many years but we don't go out on pavement or rocks enough to really toughen his feet up. He's in KY right now waiting for me to find a place he can come to here in CT. I will be buying boots for him when he gets here because it's ALL rock here. In the Memphis area, it's soft delta earth. My trimmer can probably get him boots before I relocate him. (and hopefully that won't be before too long)
  • My horse is barefoot and can walk on anything except those pieces of 3/4" gravel on a hard-packed surface. I use Easy Boot Epics. They have a gaiter (so it keeps crud out of the boot). They're easy to use but you still have to put them on and off with every ride. I think that horses being barefoot is conducive to a healthier hoof. Having said that, I recognize that all horses cannot go barefoot. Unless your horse(s) have iron hard hooves (of which I've had 2), a boot for extreme riding conditions is great. I have a high school friend (we're both old now) who rides endurance in So. Cal. and she uses boots on her horses for that. Also, there's a new product out that my barefoot trimmer told me about a couple of trims ago. It's a horseshoe made of a plastic material. It gives with the foot so is a pretty good 'solution' for those who ride on rocky terrain but don't want to mess with boots every time they go out - probably those who do A LOT of it. She has shod one of her horses with them to test them out. She said they wear well and she's just re-set the pair on her horse. The only drawback she found is that you have to tighten the clinches part way through the 6 weeks between trims (not re-shoe, just tighten them).