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Sahara's Hoof Progress 4 months

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Sahara's Hoof Progress 4 months
  • I have been doing Sahara's hooves and documenting about it but kind of gave up asking for help. Just way to many contradictions. Doing too much...not doing enough. I shouldn't do this but someone else telling me I should. So just went and did it my way and played off of what Sahara thought and reading stuff. Have to say thanks to the people who took the time to answer my questions. Much appreciation. I made a page on my blog dedicated to my journey as a do-it-yourself self acclaimed barefoot trimmer. This is a direct link to the pictures from recent back to march. She is flare forward and underun or crushed heels.And her sole near toe easily gets bruised. I ride her more and she is now going over dirt roads pretty well as she wants to break into a trot or canter...or gallop on her own were as before she would refuse to even trot when I asked her to. Basically focused on keeping toe short and as for the heels and rest of the hoof I keep it even and do a mustang roll. Other day, no picture. I just touched up mustang roll and took flare down from top of hoof near bottom. http://ondway2balancehooves.blogspot.com/
  • WOW! Great job!! She has some pretty feet now!! Cool blog, too!
  • Thanks a lot put a lot of work into both but more physical effort with Sahara's hooves as she tends to fall asleep, I take too long. I know another girl in a different country doing the same thing so we tell each other what we did and pretty nice as to when i started out just by myself I was kind of too afraid to do anything.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back. I think you are doing a great job! Carry on.
  • Thank you very much. *sigh of relief inserted here* Haven't touched her hooves much just trying to keep the length and keeping flares down as noticed she is really happy don't want to change that haha.
  • Speaking of flares, not to hijack but I thought it was interesting, at the rescue I visited, there's a Clydesdale/paint cross with a healed broken leg. The therapist is trying to get him to start using the bad leg more (he limps on it) and the good leg is really over muscled but the hoof is quite flared from having all that weight put on it. (I question the hoof care of those horses but they don't look "bad" just not what I'm used to seeing) That might not have made sense. Better go for coffee. [':)']
  • It is interesting. [':)'] How are they planning to get him to use his other leg? Also if you were to take the flare away..it's compensation would that work against the horse or help?