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Natural Balance Shoes

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Natural Balance Shoes
  • After talking with the farrier, it looks like we'll be putting Gus in shoes for at least a little while. Farrier recommended Natural Balance shoes. Anyone out there with any experience with these shoes? pros? cons? Thanks
  • I have had good results with certain horses using the Natural Balance shoes. They do need to be applied correctly by a knowledgable farrier. They help horses who have feet which tend to 'pancake' ( flare around the toe and have weak heels). My front-heavy Haflinger mare, Sweet P, must use Natural Balance style shoes to keep her from stumbling and to keep her fronts from flaring excessively. I have used the Natural Balance shoe to rehabilitate project horses who had horribly neglected feet with weak soles and excess flare.
  • pros: stimulate sole growth, help bridge between shoes and the natural wear of hooves. cons: can severely bruise the sole if not applied correctly. cons: my late Arabian, Taz, developed sand cracks on the fronts of his hooves with the use of the Natural Balance shoes. I switched farriers and found that the shoes were not being applied correctly and the heel was left too long, creating a blocky foot with most of the striking being done at the toe. Never had this problem with my Haflinger mare.