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Hoof Nippers

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Hoof Nippers
  • Am planning on ordering hoof nippers next month. I really need them. I do my own horses feet and they all have been barefoot since...forever. I'm running into problems with two horses because they don't get ridden much. Frisky's back hooves are not looking good. Hidalgo's front are to long. I have been trying to find nippers here but have been unbale to. I'm sure I'll find them once I get the hoof nippers ordered. I usually just file or chip off access but I can't keep up with filing on Frisky. Am thinking of getting this one because of the price but they shippment depends on weight toohttp://www.amazon.com/horse-com-Standard-Nippers/dp/B003N0Z5OA/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1326773422&sr=8-5 or thishttp://www.amazon.com/Diamond-14D-14-Inch-Nipper-Plastic/dp/B00002N7PJ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1326773422&sr=8-3 Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • just saw a place for this under health and supplements. sorry, if this can be moved that would be nice. ':)'
  • With nippers you get what you pay for and they will not last forever. I would go for the better ones. The one I using now was recommended by a farrier and cost about $100. It is wroth every cent!
  • Is there a way to keep them sharp, face?  Does that make a difference?
  • I am sure I can keep them sharp. I'll find a way. Guess I'll look into some others. Thanks.
  • There are some youtube videos out there on how to sharpen them.