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Club Foot Question

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Club Foot Question
  • I am considering buying this 5 month old draft colt. I was looking at him today and noticed that he has a club foot. (about a grade 3) I'm wondering how hard this is to correct and would you consider it "a deal breaker" on buying him. Does anyone have any insight in something like this? I would appreciate any / all info anyone can share. Thanks =)
  • I don't know what a "grade 3" is but a friend of mine had an Arabian mare that had a club foot. It made her gait a little weird but she was sound her entire life (which was over 20 years).

    My recommendation would be to get a vet check and also possibly have a good farrier out to look (assuming you know which farrier(s) are good and which are not).
  • I use Steve Johnson of Dragonfly Farms out of KY.  You should email him and ask that. 
    One of mine has a club foot but it was developed from years of pin-firing on the track.  I should post a pic of his pin fire scars.  I don't ride him.  That leg is just bad.
  • I went looking. Now I know what a grade 3 is. Here's an article.

  • We have a paint gelding with "slightly clubby" front feet, the right moreso than the left according to his pre-purchase vet check.  As long as we keep him on a 6-7 week shoeing schedule and keep shoes on his front feet, he does absolutely fine.  When he was injured once and on lay-up we took off his shoes and his feet did exactly what our farrier said they would, grew amazing heels and stubbed off his toes so his feet were basically straight up and down.  We bought him as a 5 yr. old and don't know whether he was born that way or made that way but probably genetic is our guess.
    He does eventing and trail w/ my daughter, is very nimble and a great horse.
  • Thanks for all the info. I appreciate it! =)