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Frustrated and Upset..

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Frustrated and Upset..
  • I have posted on the "going barefoot" thread below about my horse having lameness in the hoof. Well i took her to the vet and he said it was very tender from her abcess growing out so he told me to put shoes on her, so i did. A week or so later she was fine. I got to ride her only 3 times since then. Well she had a lot of energy built up from not riding her because of her limp and she got a little silly at a playday and bucked me. so now everyday i go out and longe her for a while and Yesterday i go out to feed and again she is lame on the same foot. she was very resistent to walk on it or put any weight on it. I broke down in tears yesterday because i am so frustrated that she is constantly getting hurt. I have had to take her to the vet so many times because of this one leg that i call her " Bad Leg" because its always hurt. i dont know if she might have a chronic leg issue or hoof problem. I just dont know what to do anymore. there is no swelling or heat in her legs or hooves .I can't aford to keep taking her to vet all the time. What would ya'll do in this situation? take her to the vet AGAIN or wait it out a few days and see what she does?
  • Do you think she's lame from stepping wrong or over-exerting herself?  Have they ever done flex tests or x-rays for navicular?
  • It could be possible but she only trots when i longe her and she does not run around the pasture that much because its just too hot. No i have never had xrays or anything done before.
  • Hi,

    Where was the abscess & why did your vet think shoes would be good for it? I'd be inclined to get the shoes off, if you haven't already, and protect her feet with boots & pads when necessary.

    Of course, I don't expect you to do it without seriously looking into it. There's a good thread on another forum with further info;http://www.horseforum.com/horse-health/hoof-lameness-info-horse-owners-89836/

    In the meantime, have you got pics (see;http://www.all-natural-horse-care.com/good-hoof-photos.html ) & more info on her, her management, diet, previous history, etc?
  • Again, Zag's abscess took from Thanksgiving to Easter to heal.  LOOOOONG time!  Don't lose hope.   I wonder about the shoes, too.
  • I will take some pics tonight. When she walks fast she hops, it looks like she trying to rear up.
    She is a thoroughbred mare, she is 12, she is on half a gallon of pellet feed that is 12% protein, she is on 5 acres of good pasture. I was thinking about calling the farrier out to take the shoes off. Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since i had her feet done last. The vet told me that putting shoes on her will help with the tenderness of the abcess while it grows out, and at first it did and now she is back to where she started. Her toe on that hoof is pretty cracked so maybe something got between the shoe and her hoof. I have tried to clean it but haven't managed to yet. I will try angain tonight. I pick her feet everyday so i know there is nothing in them.  It will not let me upload pics on here so i will have a link to photobucket for the photos.!
  • One thought-my gelding had 3 abscesses in a row, blowing out his heel and we couldn't figure it out between the vet, farrier and me and turned out he had a 1 1/2 inch nail way up in the crevice of his frog that none of us saw..... we had discussed doing an x-ray but never found a specific tender spot.  Regret that now, poor horse!  Might be worth an x-ray as that would show a foreign object or any navicular changes in there.  She'd have to have her shoe removed for that.
  • That makes sense about the shoes, depending where the first blow-out was located.  DaneHaven had a Tbred who had repeated blow-outs until his feet straightened out.  He had been used for barrels with shoes that were WAY too small.  But you've had this boy a while, right?  And do barrels? 
  • If she is not putting any weight on that foot and is 'hopping' when she walks it sounds like there is either a foreign object in there or something internal.  Like Dana said, hardware has an affinity for horse feet.  I had one that came limping in, actually leaning on things for support.  It was the day the blacksmith was coming anyway, and he found a nail or screw...some piece of metal.  Thankfully, it missed the coffin bone, but barely.  You can not always see what they feel.  Just their weight can drive something into the foot to the point you can't see it.  The upside is, once the object is removed, they show immediate improvement and your job after that is to see that there is no infection.
  • Ya the blow out was right in the front, she got that abcess 4 days after i got her, so it is getting close to a year. On August 19 i will have had her a year. Yes i taught her barrels and she loves to do them, and she is&nbsp';p'retty good and getting better. At our first show i was warming up in the arena and i was practicing going through the ally cuz she had never been through an ally and when i ran her out she ran right to where the first barrel should be and turned and headed to the 2nd even though the barrels weren't set up, it was really funny.
     When i went to feed yesterday she was doing alot better. she still has a slight limp but it was near as severe as it was the day before. I would perfer her to be barefoot but i have been having to put shoes on because of this abcess thing.
  • What are the ground conditions like that she lives on? What's the weather been like? How much movement is she getting? Is she out on pasture and grass, or in a stall on hay? What's going in her mouth?

    Yes, I know the thread that you speak of. I asked to help, but you seemed to have it covered. I put up a description of the pics needed on there. Probably a good body shot as well.
    Put up the pics. We're all handicapped until you do. You've got nothing to lose cause its free. Isn't that nice for a change?

  • Yes when I rehabbed Beau I thought all his feet were going to fall off. [':o']
    Literally the whole back of a foot would blow out. 
    It just takes time. I started using BOSS when I got him and we are convinced it makes a significant difference. 
    Patience. It will be worth the wait.

    I wonder how my Beau-Beau is doing? He went to Memphis to be a fox hunter.

  • She is on pasture with lots of grass, no hay, and her half gallon of feed. Where we live its been 100+ degrees for 27 days straight, had no rain at all yet, the ground is bery dry and cracked so she probablly just stepped wrong or something. Thursday evening she was out running around and back to her old self and no limp. i can try to get pics.
  • YEA!!!  for no limp.  Hope she is well on the road to recovery.
  • Well i think that she is offically all better as of right now. Im sure she will do something again down the road.
    Today she came running for her feed and after she was running with her tail up and her head going side to side kicking at her pasture buddy!
    I am so gald to see her better.