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Hoof Care

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Hoof Care
  • Each time you clean your horse#%92s hooves, take an extra couple of minutes after you#%92ve pried out any packed debris to gently clear the crevice of the frog, and scrape any remaining bits of matter off the sole, with the tip of the pick. You want to be able to see the sole#%92s entire surface, so finish the job with a stiff brush. Some hoof picks come with brush attached, or you can buy a brush separately and inexpensively.
    Camron Sareja
  • Good advice!
    I also carry a spray bottle of vinegar with me as follow up.  It goes on as an acid, but dries and leaves an alkaline residue behind. The baddies thrive in a neg. pH. So upping the pH will ensure that thrush has a harder time finding a jungle to swing in on the bottom of your horse's foot! Vinegar and water is also excellent for soaking.