I read several suggestions to use 'sugardine', a mixture of providone iodine and sugar that gets brushed into the grooves and on the frog, to treat thrush.  My girl had a nasty case of thrush going in 3 hooves to the point where there were holes in the sulci.  I had been cleaning, spraying down with soap and water, rinsing with saline solution, and putting on Thrush Buster.  When I read about this concoction.  I didn't know if I should try it but I thought it's cheaper and I don't have to worry about wearing gloves to do her feet.  I alternated Thrush Buster and the sugardine.  I've been out of Thrush Buster for about a week so I've just been using the sugardine.  Has anyone else used this treatment?  My only concern is the sugar.  It just seams weird to put sugar on an infection caused by fungus.  Also, the articles I read said to combine the two to make a thin paste.  I'm making it about the consistency of molassas.  If anyone knows a different consistency that it's supposed to be please let me know.  Since I've been only using the sugardine her hooves haven't gotten any worse and a couple are healing very nicely but I'm not sure which one 'did the trick'.