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Is my horses lameness a hoof issue?

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Is my horses lameness a hoof issue?
  • Okay, Eric, that's not eating her out of house and barn!!  My 18 hd. guy eats about 6 flakes of orchard/bermuda a day plus his pellets!!  I'd be paying two horses board at your place!
    Your guy's weight looks good though.  Would she be willing to give him some grass hay just to give him something to munch on since he's obviously hungry or needing to graze on something?
    Glad to hear he's moving along better.  If he's doing so well going uphill on trails and such, it sounds like he's just working through growing pains, getting his balance together.  My gelding used to stumble a lot when I first started riding him, much better now.
    Happy trails!
  • My general rule is grazing 24/7.  If there's not enough pasture then that means round bales.  The feeding program I use is based on forage first.  Then the ADM Senior Glo and some misc supplements for fly control, joints, and feet.... Bully gets asprin.   Okay I can't spell asprin.    Well it's flagged one place and not the other...go figure.
  • Well....it's Tuesday night and I had a great weekend of riding.  We put on some miles Friday, Sat, Sunday and walked some long climbs, building some good muscle.  I can definately see him improving and I notice a couple things.
    1. Since treating with that new product called No-thursh.....his left front is no longer suffering from thrush, and he doesn't seem as tender in the heel.
    2. He is not slowing down or shortening stride as much going down hill.....so we are definately improving.
    I do notice some growth in him....especially his rear end and chest....wide wide wide!
    Off topic of hoofs, after riding on Friday, Saturday morning I noticed a small bump on his back where the back of the saddle hits.  I think my pad was a bit short, and the downhills are shortening his already short back, which gave him a bump....hope that goes away......it's not sore to the touch, but the bump is there.  I rode in a longer pad the rest of the weekend.  I might be looking for a thicker and longer pad for the near future.
    Did you guys see Zenyatta blow by 'em on Sunday?  It was pure magic':)'
    Best regards,