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Dexamethasone Side Effects-strange side effect

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Dexamethasone Side Effects-strange side effect
  • Has anyone had fatigue, clumsiness, looking depressed with administration of oral dexamethasone. My horse was started on it aug. 16 for new diagnosis of copd. He has never had a fever. No history of laminitis. Over last 3 or 4 days noticed he wasn't his peppy self, although the coughing had stopped. And today he started to just lay down as if he was really tired and when getting up was clumsy in doing so and showing some slight limp with left front foot.Still no fever and was also started on antiobiotics on aug.16 one he had been on before but this was the first time he had been on dexamethasone. I had my prescribing  vet and 2 other vets tell me they don't think it is the dex but have told me to hold it which i have. Last dose was this morning. However, I have been looking up side effects of dex and fatigue is a side effect but not a common one. Has anyone had a horse respond like this to dexamethasone. Also read some articles that unfortunately that some horses that were showing were being giving hi doses of dexamethasone for a "calming effect." Has anyone heard of this or encountered this? Would appreciate any info. thanks

  • Don't know about Dex.

    But fatigue, clumsiness, looking depressed are also signs of EPM.

  • I would stop giving dexamethasone for a while and look at the reaction in this case. But in general, there should be no side effects or any complications from this drug if used according to the instructions