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Has anyone used an ArcEquine before?

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Has anyone used an ArcEquine before?
  • Hi all!

    I'm new to the forum so I hope I'm doing this right.

    I want to know if anyone has used a product called an ArcEquine. I've been reading up on it on their website and it seems to be great for recovery from injuries, but I'm hoping to use it for my mare who's got aches, pains and stiffness (she's getting on in years and a bit arthritic). I see it sells for about $500 which I think is a good deal if it gives Bella an improved quality of life. Anybody in the same boat tried it?

    Their website is www.arcequine.com

    Thanks all!
  • Hi jenthesmithy. Welcome!

    Sorry I have not heard of ArcEquine.

    Have you tried any joint supplements? I have had excellent luck with several.

    That would be my route before the latestandgreatest new gizmo.

    Less spendy also?

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