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  • Wondering if anyone has any suggestions.. I am looking into getting my new one insured, but there are so many out there!  If you have it or know of anyone that has it suggestions please!
  • I have it, highly recommend it and unfortunately had to use it.
    I use the agent Kay Cassell out of TN.  My policy is with Great American.
    There are tons out there and you will hear both good and bad stories.  I will say that I had the best of luck with a very bad situation.
  • I would ask your vet  if he knows of a good insurance company...i have my mare insured through aqha dealers good luck
  • Also what kind should i get..Mortality, Major Medical, Loss of use????
  • i have fancy under mortality medical and loss..good luck
  • Are looking to get insurance for your horse?  If yes, then Broadstone Equine Insurance Agency is the best company where you can get insurance of your horses at cheap quotes.

    I also got insurance of my horsebox from www.horseinboxinsurance.co.uk due to their reliable quotes.

  • I suggest you try Broadstone Equine Insurance Agency, the best in the town. I insured my two horses from them. 

    I also compare my horsebox from www.quoteradar.co.uk/horsebox-insurance/ due to their best quotes comparison system. 

  • Curious to know how much is the premium insurance for a horse in the UK compared to here in US.