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Weird Skin Bumps - Open sores

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Weird Skin Bumps - Open sores
  • Hi,

    I'm new to the forum.  I am hoping that I am doing this correctly.

    I am looking to see if anyone's horse has ever experienced a horrible skin problem.  

    Our horse started off with what looked like 4 dime-size bumps on the left side of his neck.  I first thought maybe his was bitten by a spider.  Later in the week, he had about 4 other bumps. We went out of town for the weekend and came back to what looked like an explosion of bumps (varing sizes...1/2 dollar - a little smaller then a dime) on both sides of his neck, some on his back and on his chest and stomach.  

    They feel like raised scabs with fur on them.  You can pull the fur off them...kind of like rain rot.  Several bumps are now open wounds.

    Our trainer first gave him Dex thinking it was hives.  It did nothing for the bumps. The next day (this past Tuesday) the vet came over and has not seen this before.  The vet thinks it is possibly hives that got infected.  The vet gave him and antibiotic, shampoo and spray (I can't remember the brand names).

    New bumps are still poping up. We gave him another bath today with the shampoo. The vet is supposed to come out this Saturday for a recheck and give him some more antibiotics.

    NOTE:  Nothing in his environment has changed that we are aware of.

    Has anyone ever experienced this or know what it could be?

    Looking for help.

    Thank you,


    PS I tried to up load pictures to no success.

  • I have a horse that has had hives. All the bumps were about the same size and none of them scabbed.

    Really bad bots? I would think more likely an allergic reaction to a particular bug. Check all areas for wasps?

    Maybe nothing you know of has changed. If you use shavings maybe they have changed.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you for your response!  I was thinking some kind of bug bite allergic reaction, but our trainer dosen't think so.  I could not be there when the vet saw him (he said hives that got infected) but I have a call into the vet office to talk to them about it.

  • But you still need to know what started the hives?

    I hate that puzzle. My nieces get horrible hives and we have to constantly go over the list of possible triggers. Usual answer is extra stress.

    Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, laundry soap ect... on and on.

    What about differen bug spray, new bre ast collar, saddle pad???

    By the way, Welcome! and join us in the General Chat section.