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What is the BEST HORSE SHAMPOO for you?

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What is the BEST HORSE SHAMPOO for you?
  • I was on research about DIY Home-made horse shampoo and the best rated commercial horse shampoo. What is best for you based on your experience?
  • Welcome Horsyland

    I buy  Eqyss Micro-Tek Equine Shampoo.

    But I don't use it on the horses.

    We use it as shower soap and shampoo for ourselves.

    A couple friends use it also.

    And I buy a ton of the Eqyss Mega-Tek, again for ourselves. I use it as lotion and as leave in hair conditioner.

    I do use it on horse owwies also. Awesome stuff.

    Now for horses I just use whatever, Usually someone gives me a gift of some kind of horse shampoo. Or I buy human color enhancing shampoo.

    I have white, palomino, and black horses.

    Now for horse manes and tails I really like Cowboy Magic.

  • Hi Dane! Thanks for this.

    So now I know there's more horse shampoo that can be used by humans too. Not just Mane n Tail. I might as well try sometime and see if it works for me! haha.

    I find Palominos beautiful and attractive but I am more obsessed with black horses. They just mesmerize my eyes whenever I see one.

  • You can use silver shampoo for white horses if you mix it with human shampoo. If you use it concentrated you will end up with dry hair and dandruff and probably irritate your scalp. Remember that horse shampoo is designed to wash a horse with thick greasy hair for one time a month max! people shampoo is designed to be soft enough for even daily use. So you won't die or lose your hair, but you are better off with normal shampoo.

    I do use main and tail spray sometimes, it works as a dry shampoo getting your hair fresh and soft for another day.

  • Was also about to ask the same question. Well, thanks for this thread! I Will recommend this to my friend who's into horse racing aswell. thanksssss