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Rain Rot..

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Rain Rot..
  • I just bought a 9 month old appendix and she has really bad rain rot. Is there anything i can do for it for now? Shes had one bath but i had to have help because it was her first, she wasn't bad though. Since its cold i cant really give her a bath everyday. She is in the barn in a dry stall when its wet outside and its still getting worse. I am wondering if i could shave her back if that could help get whatever to her skin? I have a blanket and sheet for her so that wouldnt be a problem. I just dont know what to do.. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  • Thanks! This did help clarify some things i wasnt sure about. i have treated a few horses with rain rot and its gone away but ive done it by bathing everyday. I dont know if there is any other way to get rid of it but bathing, but its to cold here to give a bath everyday now. hum..
  • I haven't read the link but I'm going to.
    I've only seen one horse with true rain rot, it was a filly that was about 9 mos old, had been out to pasture with mama, had serious rain rot.
    Gentle currying/brushing every day, stimulate circulation, remove dead skin cells. It worked with her...
    I'll post a pic of her in a minute. She's like 11-12 years old now. Maybe 13. Miss Rodeo Oregon rode her in the Westward Ho Parade in Pendleton this year. I don't own her now.
    Give me a few.
  • I feel bad, the pic I wanted to show was one he just sent me of her running with a crop duster in the background...she's all stretched out and shiny. But I can't figure out how to get it to my photobucket album, and then to here.
    Sorry. But the rain rot goes away, if you treat it, and you treat it with grooming and circulatory stimulation.
  • Thanks! I have been grooming everyday and i guess its helped. She has finally started losing the scabs today. but in huge chunks. So im hopeful. She was out to pasture with other weanlings which is why she has it to begin with i guess. im just ready for it to be gone!
  •   A mega dose of Vit A goes far in getting rain rot under control.  The best product out there is the cattle injectable Vit A (also has D and E).  Give 3 mls ORALLy than repeat in a week.  Another option would be a double dose of Mare Plus for a week.  It will also clear up the wheepy eyes that you often see at the same time.  The Vit A will promote healthy skin.
  • Since it's a fungus (think athlete's foot or ringworm) you have to kill it and the scabs coming off is a must.  I scrape the scabs off with my fingernail.  (that sounds grosser than it is) But I don't expect them to stand there while I get every one all in one session!  You can spray her with a diluted Listerine or very weak bleach dilution lightly and work that in... while she's stalled. 
    What a good girl! 
  • Ya some of the scabs are finally coming off now. ive been grooming everyday and they are coming off.. she is now bald but its better then all the scabs. So hopefully by spring her coat will grow back in and be nice! Thanks for all the help!
  • Listerine-Bleach-Tea Tree Oil, mixed in a 50/50 solution and sprayed on AFTER a grooming session will really help to kill the fungus that is still there.
    Giving the Vitamins- will help from the inside and the sprays will help from the outside.
  • [quote=TanyaC97]

    Listerine-Bleach-Tea Tree Oil, mixed in a 50/50 solution
    Okay, teacher.  Is math not your specialty?  ROFL!!
    ahem... sorry.  cough...cough...

  • Ok, I'm going to try to post a pic of the foal we got a 9 mos with rain rot:

    The one with rain rot at 9 mos is the one in front.
  • wg[quote=hunterseat]


    Listerine-Bleach-Tea Tree Oil, mixed in a 50/50 solution
    Okay, teacher.  Is math not your specialty?  ROFL!!
    ahem... sorry.  cough...cough...
    TanyaC97 Listerine-Bleach-Tea Tree Oil, mixed in a 50/50 solution Okay, teacher. Is math not your specialty? ROFL!! ahem... sorry. cough...cough...

    Ok wise hinney!!!! I meant any of those individually combined with water in a 50/50--ie. bleach-50% + Water-50%
  • ROFL!!!  Thanks for the clarification, teach!  [':D']
    AB, that's a COOL picture!!