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Any tricks to whiten impossible white spots?

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Any tricks to whiten impossible white spots?
  • I own a paint gelding who is insistant on getting as dirty as possible right before a show. its so bad that I normally bathe him the day before the show and the day of, which is stripping him of alot of his natural oils. I also clip his main white "problem" areas but the stains still seem to hold. any tricks on how to whiten those spots?
  • Are you using QuikSilver, a special shampoo for whitening?  You can also use cornstarch to help whiten his stains in a hurry! 
  • I've heard bluing works.  I don't have any white horses.  They might have white socks but you can't really see 'em because of the dirt. [':D']
  • i do use whitening shampoo already that has bluing effects. i use quick silver all the time but it doesnt seem to work well enough.

  • Hmmmm, you have to use lots and let it soak.  I also have something called Miracle Groom, comes in a big bottle.  You sponge it on, then take a rag and blot it off, works pretty well.
  • vinager,   vinegar    hum  e before a or is a before e.? 
    anyway  I have heard people use it to help whiten
  • Where are you rray?   You got bad dirt there?  Also, pictures are mandatory!!  [';)']
  • Was looking up dressage grooming techniques and read they use baby powder to really make the white pop!  Did that on Tahoe's pink nose yesterday, looked great!  Hopefully it also worked as a sunblock ':)'
  • I don't have a white horse, But one of my friend having a white horse and he too use whitening shampoo is good.
    Earl Nunes
  • read they use baby powder to really make the white pop!

    I used to take care of a grey Standardbred who seemed to like to lay down in his poo.  I would try to wipe off as much as possible with a wet sponge and then apply the baby powder.  It did a pretty good job of covering up the nasty stain and made him presentable on the track when I jogged him.  It would pretty much come off when I gave him a bath after his exercise.  Sooo, in my experience, baby powder works.  There are some products out there that you spray on and wipe off and they work quite well in a pinch...would probably work better if followed with the baby powder.  

    Good luck.  Oh, I agree, we need pictures.
  • Cowboy Magic is super and I also use Wisk  on the mane and tail, keeping it off the skin and making sure you rinse well.  I keep the tail braided and in a tail bag taking it out once a week to wash and condition it.  I make waterproof tail bags and they not only repel the stains and promote growth, but prevent tail breakage and sun damage.  During show season, if your horse has a lot of white on its body,  it is helpful to keep a waterproof day sheet on if it is not too hot out. 
  • I agree - Cowboy Magic!  works on my palomino's blonde main and tail and white socks especially!   Is it spring yet????  so tired of mud!
  • You can buy chalk whitening blocks that rub on to white patches, also if you have a pressure washer, not a hose, a pressure washer that is very good at removing stains. You can use detergents but you have to be careful with them.