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Spooked by... groom brushes!?

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Spooked by... groom brushes!?
  • Hello everyone! I had just gotten my Red Bay stud horse a few weeks ago, and I was so amazed at his calmness and gentleness. I had all my grooming brushes and started grooming him tied up. He did so good, but when I started brushing him with the goat hair soft brush, it gave him and me a little static shot, and he freaked out and started pulling on his lead rope that I tied him with. Long story short, he broke it and walked off. Now I cannot get any brush by him without him jerking back or turning around me. He is fine with me stroking him on his back and the rest of his body, but I cannot get a brush by him. How can I get him to let me groom him? I really loved doing it, and he did too, until the dang soft brush. Please help! Thanks!
  • Try metal and or rubber curry.

  • Sooo brush him with a curry comb until he is fine with it and then transition to brushes? What should I do if he wont want to be tied  to be bathed, for instance?

  • I would have a friend who has big strong muscles and good horse sense hold my horse for me. I would take him into an arena or somewhere that if he gets away, there's no lost horse. Then, I would slowly, (and with treats, if your stallion won't become nippy) first introduce a rubber or metal curry comb, no need for water just yet. Let your stallion sniff it and slowly atart rubbing it around on him. When he calms down, do the same with a normal brush. Hold it near his nose, give treat. let him sniff it, let him nibble it, then very gently brush. I used the same tactic for my previously abused gelding who was terrified of ropes.