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What is the BEST HORSE SHAMPOO for you?

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What is the BEST HORSE SHAMPOO for you?
  • I was on research about DIY Home-made horse shampoo and the best rated commercial horse shampoo. What is best for you based on your experience?
  • Welcome Horsyland

    I buy  Eqyss Micro-Tek Equine Shampoo.

    But I don't use it on the horses.

    We use it as shower soap and shampoo for ourselves.

    A couple friends use it also.

    And I buy a ton of the Eqyss Mega-Tek, again for ourselves. I use it as lotion and as leave in hair conditioner.

    I do use it on horse owwies also. Awesome stuff.

    Now for horses I just use whatever, Usually someone gives me a gift of some kind of horse shampoo. Or I buy human color enhancing shampoo.

    I have white, palomino, and black horses.

    Now for horse manes and tails I really like Cowboy Magic.

  • Hi Dane! Thanks for this.

    So now I know there's more horse shampoo that can be used by humans too. Not just Mane n Tail. I might as well try sometime and see if it works for me! haha.

    I find Palominos beautiful and attractive but I am more obsessed with black horses. They just mesmerize my eyes whenever I see one.