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  • How long does it take your horses to shed out? because my mare take forever to the point it is like summer by the time she is done[:'(]... I have never clipped her, I would not mind it, it is just my uncle and I don't know how she will react to it... and I don't have anyone exprenced enough around to help me with her... [&:]... so any ideas...
  • Depends on the horse.  All of mine shed out at different rates. Lots and lots of grooming can help.
    However, if she is really shaggy still going into summer you may want your vet to test for cushings just to be on the safe side.  That can be one sign.
  • We were just talking about that at the horse farm this evening.  The older they are the longer it takes them to shed.  Spotted Alen still has a pretty thick coat.  My Bully is taking longer, too.  They are older horses like your mare.  I'd just keep working  on her with a shedder.  Don't worry.
  • Slow shedding can also be a symptom of hypothyroidism.