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Crazy Gelding

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Crazy Gelding
  • Hi there.

    I'm new to the forum and I have a super cute Arabian gelding that I rescued a year and a half ago. He's 10, wonderful attitude, but is very hot. He has a typical Arab attitude and is very manageable at the barn...showing is a different thing. I usually don't have an issue with my horses being crazy as long as they're happy and content and aren't violent. Shamrock is TERRIFIED. I want something that will ease his mind. Any ideas? I've looked into smartpaks but I really don't want to add an additional 50 dollars to my monthly bill. Calm and Cool doesn't work... mare magic seemed to work a little.. I'm at a loss... help?

  • Do you know Shamrock's background?  What was he exposed to with his previous owner(s)?  If he is truly terrified at shows and is not just acting up, then there must be something that is setting him off.  You need to find what that trigger is.  There are any number of things that can be done to modify this kind of behaviour.  Some of these things are involved with drugs and supplements that act as such.  However drugging your horse in any way doesn't address the root cause.  For instance, the cure might just be stuffing some cotton wool in Shamrock's ears.  Sadly, the solutions are rarely so simple and quick.  

    If Mare Magic worked, you might try Remission (has magnesium which has been proven to help with excitable animals) or even something with Tryptophan in it.  Be aware though, that this element (Triptophan) is not allowed at most shows and you will have to exhibit your horse Hors Concours (or-kon-coor) until he no longer needs this supplement to perform properly at a show.  Regardless, if you wish to use the supplement (herbal remedy) route, it  will be expensive and it is essential you are scrupulously consistent.  

    Efficacious remedies of any kind are going to cost.  Smart packs are a convenient method of properly and consistently dosing one's horse with a complimentary and time-saving method.  Personally, I prefer to buy the supplements and then do the mixing myself using a base such as soaked beet pulp.  However, the initial cost of  buying the supplements in bulk is considerably higher, though the savings are certainly worth the trouble and time.

    Other than that there's not a lot I can tell you from my current viewpoint.  Perhaps there's a local trainer who can help out?