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Friday Fry

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Friday Fry
  • HOT here for the next few days. And desperately dry again.
    Need to start keeping the horses in for most of the day.
    Pilot is pretty sore this morning. He did too much moving around yesterday.

    Figs are ripe. There is a monster fig tree at DaneHaven. I picked a couple buckets yesterday and will cook them into compote today.

    Everyone have a fantastic Friday!
  • Never had a fresh fig.  Sounds yummy and Biblical. Hope Pilot heals soon.

    Love the new pups at the Stark animal refuge.  They certainly landed in a good, caring place.

    Was looking for a horse for a friend and found a bigger version of Lena.  She is about a hand taller and one year older.  Road, trail, water safe.  Gentle to work around.  Registered quarter horse.  Bred like Lena on the top and bred like our old Colonel horse on the bottom.  She has a head similar to his.  She is pretty low priced, too.  Would love to have her in my barn but I would have to part with one and that could prove to be difficult.

    Hope everyone has a super day.  It is pleasant here, but that tropical storm is pounding HI where my youngest son is.

  • Good morning :)  And the craziness continues around here..... yesterday around 6, 3 skinny, scared puppies showed up on our road, we're assuming dumped because of their condition.  Toe nails worn to the quick, elbows bald and scabbed, scabs, ticks and fleas allover and the runt is especially timid around people, pees when you go to pet him or pick him up.  They all look about 3-4 mos. to me, same litter but one looks like a purebred GSD, the other two like shepard mixes, the smallest one has some wiry hair almost like a terrier?  They are all about 25+ lbs., the GSD has huge feet and legs!  They spent the night in our downstairs bathroom and amazingly, no messes!?  Taking them to my vet in a bit to get scanned although I don't know that I'd return them to their home unless they have been lost for a while in the shape they're in.  We've named them from the "Emperor's New Groove" theme, so the GSD is Kronk, the second largest is Sacha and the runt is Cusco.  

    We have a lovely cloud cover this morning so the front door is open, letting in the cool, fresh morning air.  Hoping to ride today but between taking puppies to the vet, getting their shots and some wormer, visiting my MIL in her new rehab facility and a Pony Club meeting at 6:30, I might be hard-pressed to fit it in.  Poor MIL didn't get moved until 9 pm, then the transport had the wrong address and she's in a room with 2 other people.  Not sure if that is good because she might like the company or bad because she'll make them crazy!

    Connie-you're like me, always looking at horses for other people :)

    DH-my baby fig tree actually had some figs this year!  I don't care for figs so I let my yard workers have them but I love the trees :)  Sorry your weather is hot.  Maybe we'll all get some rain from the hurricane?  Sorry Pilot is sore :(

  • Oh how well I know that fig tree. I still feel guilty about taking the nest that fell out of it. (It was empty) I gave it to my dear friend Dale (who's a fb friend) and it resides in her year-round Christmas/birdnest tree. She also kayaks, rides (alot), plays dulcimer (with Ozark friends) and she's segment hiking the Appalachian trail. Did I mention she's in middle to upper 60's? What a wonderful lady. So that makes me feel a little better about the nest. :) And it is a beautiful tree. My mom's place had a couple fig trees, small ones. Nowhere near Dane Haven size.

    It was a strange day. Boywonder got laid off with a group of guys. FINALLY got hold of my oldest and he's struggling frantically to stay above water. Chatter wants me to put the hammer down on him but I just can't. It's not going to help anything and I love him too much. Oh well. I think I'll be throwing cash at them for a while longer but I'm thankful I've got it and I'm not doing without.  It's not like it's big money but .... It aggravates Chatter.

    We've had some severe thunderstorms the past day and a half.

    OH the Philly job is out. Maybe the Crater Lake? If not I'll keep throwing stuff out there. No news on TX but it's been so long it's probably filled and they forgot to update the USAJOBS status.

    I'm doing a blog now but I don't write as often as I should. Short story kind of stuff. Off the top of my head. As far as I know I have 2 followers! YAY! lol Those are the ones that give me 5 stars anyway. hahaha

    Dana, bless you. I love those pups. They look so good. You know the piddling is a character trait that is something that is hard to "break". Carmy has that trait. But she controls it pretty well. You have to know how to recognize the mood. So Chatter hollers at her "Carmy! Come here!" It sounds like she's in trouble and she comes worming over to him and piddles. :( He doesn't do it on purpose and I think he's learning but c'mon! You can't yell at her! She loves him so much and he's very fond of her, too. Teddy is more like his dog now than mine. That's okay.

  • Crazy busy day yesterday!  The GSD puppy got taken in by a rescue associated with Canine Support Teams that we are raising the puppies through.  He is now called Luther.  I took them to the vet first thing and of course they aren't microchipped, emaciated.  Vet estimated about 13 weeks old.  Same litter, different daddies so we know mom was a GSD.  The other two look like maybe some terrier as the smallest one has some wiry hair on his face.  They are a little lost today without Luther, the brave brother but it is letting Cusco, the smallest one blossom.  So cute this morning.  When we went out to feed, as I was walking along in the pack of dogs, he came up and tried to hug my leg and make contact with me which is totally new for him.  It's interesting that Pacha, the one who was in the middle of the pack, now acts more afraid of us and is moaning some like he misses his brother :(  Got their shots and my sister came over and we vaccinated them without a whimper.  Have wormer to give them today.  No accidents again last night :)    I'm taking Brewster down to Lake Forest in Orange County to an adoption event.  He already got his bath :)  

    I visited my MIL at her new facility yesterday and she was not a happy camper :(  My FIL showed up with the helper lady my MIL hates with a passion and between that and being moved late the previous night, she just about lost it..... when I got there she was still mad as a hornet and letting everyone know about it.  She actually hit me once in frustration while I was helping her with her dinner.  I told her she can't do that, that I'm trying to help her and love her and she yelled that she wouldn't hit me anymore :(  Called and talked to my FIL and suggested that he NOT bring the other lady in, that if she drives him there (didn't pass his driver's test yesterday!!  Yay!!) that he should have her go get coffee somewhere or something.  My hubby told me that his dad said he isn't going to visit her for a week because of her behavior yesterday :(  How can you punish someone who has had a serious concussion with a brain bleed and already has dementia, especially when you know this person sets her off.....  Sigh.....

    Anyway, better scoot :)

  • Um ok, ha?

  • dc, You see this is a thread from August, right? :) It just got put in the wrong part of the forum because we were all confused with the new set up.