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Horse help!
  • I had a friend of mine ride my horse the other day and she informed me that while she was trotting that he was dropping in the trot on his right side. She told me that his stifle on the right side is very weak and told me to start doing a lot of walk trot transitions. Yesterday I asked someone else what I should do and he looked him over and went down his back and he said that he had a vertebra that was out and he hit his back a couple of times and said he was trying to put it back in. Then I walked him around and he told me that his hocks were cracking and said they were dry. He told me to put him on glucosamine. I just wanted to see if anyone else had a different idea or agree with what either of the two people are saying about him.
  • How old is your horse? And what is his occupation? Do you trail ride? I know glucosamine works for me, my dogs and my horses.

    I'd have a problem with someone hitting my horse's back to "put the vertebrae back in".  Are these friends experts? or just offering their opinion? Because if they're not experts, you should find someone else to ask.

  • He is between 6 and 10 years old. Got him as a rescue back in march. He is a trail ridding horse for now but I want to move him over to cross country or just show jumping. The one friend that rode him has been working with horses for about 25 years and owns two herself. So I would count her as reliable enough. As for the guy he has been training thoroughbreds for about 35 years so I feel like I could trust what he says as well. He recommended me starting him on glucosamine as well which I just started about four days ago.

  • Do you mean his hooves were dry?  I have had good success with Cosequin and also SmartPaks for arthritis.  I'm also doing a trial with a turmeric/black pepper supplement that is supposed to work better than bute!  Trying it on my 22 yr. old pony.  He gobbles it up!