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Stain on the neck...

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Stain on the neck...
  • Hahahaha i actually have been to ATL a.k.a The Peach state :-) I've been to a few more states too. Malta is an Island in the Mediterranean sea right below Italy and no i am not Italian :-) they call us Maltese (like the Maltese Falcon)

    I have told my dad what to do, i think he will bring a VET to check it out. ones they tell us i will write it on here. So if you come across it again you can give an answer and hey maybe it is fungal.

    As for telling you about my day, well it's relaxing but when you are from here its another day you know just like if i lived in Atlanta all my life. Now if i was here on Vacation especially summer yea we have beautiful sea, allot of history to site seeing, night life is nice plus free entrance to clubs etc so yea a vacation would be great. :-)

  • Hello again...I wanted to let you know what the vet had said. So at first he's like i never seen this then he did him a blood test and all resulted good. then next day he came back was about the file his teeth so the horse can crush his food (because back teeth was growing) and the horse was not letting them do so and the Dr noticed how this stain had sweat coming out off it, just from the stain part and he told us now i know what it is. it's a pulled muscle. so i think the stain is like as if us human would have a bruise.

  • How strange!  Welcome, BTW :)  I agree, that if it feels sticky, it is either oozing or he got something on it that is lightening his hair.

  • When I got a horse I called Sun, I discovered he had unusual sweat patterns where he would have wet spots on his butt and shoulder.  It wasn't sticky but this horse was emaciated when I got him.  Here is a picture of the sweat mark on his butt. It was wet but not sticky.