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Stain on the neck...

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Stain on the neck...
  • Hi we have a medium brown colored horse. we have had it for over 7yrs for sure. In the past 2 weeks this lighter stain of hair came out on his neck. no hair loss or anything just a stain or lighter fur. as if like u drop bleach on a colored shirt u get a stain. this is the same thing, it just showed up in the past 2weeks. what is it? we have had other horses before we been having horses for the past 15+ yrs and this never happened. If anyone can let me know, it be appreciated. Thanks
  • So.... it's white hair? That's usually from some type of "injury" but I use that term loosely. Something rubbing him? Him rubbing himself on something?  Was he ever used in a way that something (a harness?) might have rubbed on him at one time? Martingale, Breastcollar?  Is it in an area where any of this might have ever been used on him? My horse started something after I'd had him a few years. He's a former harness racer and, where the harness used to sit YEARS before, he began to have a little sweat spot on his neck. No where else. Not a particularly hot day.  Strange. I used a bitless bridle on him and he got some white hair on his nose from the pressure the bridle put on his nose.

  • Can i send  you a picture somewhere? my father hardly race him or anything he's more like a pet. he use to race him in the beginning but it's been a long time now.  sometimes he takes him around our area and the rest he has this field  with his stable. its not white its yellowish fur. no hair loss so it is not a patch without the fur like as if he had scrubbed it.

    Thank you for your reply.

  • If you make a picture really smallish, you can post it here. We're all getting used to a new format so... Stude has figured out how to post big pictures. (smarty pants) lol

    my email is emmons_e@hotmail.com if you want to send it to me and I can resize it for you. I'm sure it's nothing major but it would be interesting to see!

  • Is your horse a Standardbred? I have a couple of those!

  • i emailed you...

  • IMG_20140306_111355.jpg

    Just got home. Sorry so late. I got your pictures. They will show up really small when I post them here but here goes!

  • Alrighty then. It says it posted but I don't see it. Maybe the mod... well I can try again... OH! I see it - it's itty bitty!! :)

  • hf3.jpg

    I sent it to AppyLady too, she knows everything. I'll resize and post the other pictures. 

  • You have to click the picture by my avatar and it gets big THEN CLICK THE BACK BUTTON TO CLOSE IT!!  ;)

    Plus I think this posted in the spiritual section but don't worry. Everybody's been doing that since the format change. LOL

    That is really strange. Looks almost fungal. How does it feel? Smooth? The hair looks thin. I'd douse it with listerine just in case if it was me. Cuz it looks fungal. Let's see what anyone else says.

  • Listerine as in the mouth wash? and yes it is very strange just showed up in this past 2/3weeks. Just went feel his stain, the hair still there but it feels like sticky.

  • There are different things people do to get rid of anything fungal. The gold Listerine is great and the other colors seem to have more sugar. The orange draws ants in my opinion.  Some people used diluted bleach. I lean towards something I can rinse my mouth out with over the bleach. Thrush in hooves, rain rot, dog itchies... Something else is to put a good dandruff shampoo on an area and leave it for about 20  minutes.

    It almost looks like something splashed on him, the shape of it. And if it's sticky feeling then it's probably a matter of time before it starts itching him. Really odd.

    I think (hope) someone else will check over here if we give them time. busy people and not a lot of people are on here for various reasons. Lots of readers, not lots of posters.

    So your dad races? Do you have lots of horses? I assumed you're a girl but.... I hope I didn't get that wrong.

  • Haha yes i am a girl, or more like a woman i am 30 yrs old :-P  we have just 1 horse now, it's my dad's horse. in the beginning he use to have them race but then he stopped as the more he likes them and take care of them he never had luck with winning. We are from Malta. So now the horse is a pet. we have a stable and this area along with the stable for him to go around in with our house.  This stain is weird, and the color it sticks out so i am like what is it? so i joined this forum to find out what it could be. and yes i noticed not many posters on here or at least not no mine. appreciate your posts :-)

  • If it is sticky, in my opinion, your horse has come in contact with something that is giving it an oozing sore.  Probably something caustic like bleach, creolin, cedar oil, some tree saps.  Rather like getting a blister on yourself and when it breaks you have an oozing sore.  

    I suggest washing the affected area with an antiseptic soap.  If you find irritated skin, I think I would go for a healing salve, even hydrocortizone.  If the salve leaves the area a bit greasy, and your horse is where it can get dirt and irritants stuck in the salve, dust the area lightly with baby powder.

    WELCOME to our forum.

  • MALTA!!!  I gotta look that up to see where you are. Isn't that awful. You probably know exactly where Atlanta is.

    I was thinking about it all day and I think, in line with what Connie said, a triple antibiotic ointment would be helpful.  The weeping/sticky/oozing...

    It's unusual for sure. But it looks like something that's not too serious.

    Natty,  you should go over to the daily thread (today's would be Friday...lol) and tell us what you did today. I'm sure it's exciting. :O)