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Outdoor lighting for arena

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Outdoor lighting for arena
  • I am now building a horse arena. Originally i would like to have 200 sq-meter arena for about 5 horses. The building is about 50% finished. Then, I would like to add some lights for arena

    it seems that are many types of lighting such as LED, halogen, metal halide and etc. Which one is the most cost-effective?

  • LED will always be more energy efficient than the others you listed. Depends on the amount of illumination you want. If you have a good lighting company nearby that you are considering doing business with, they will probably have a lighting specialist who will come out and discuss options with you. I wouldn't take up much of the salesman's time if you plan to go cheap/amazon on purchasing. Looks like a great structure! Where are you located? (noticing the meter measurement vs foot)

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