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New Here! :)

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New Here! :)
  • I am new here. But I love horses. I am still trying to figure out how this works but can anyone give me some advice and how things are run on here? That would be awesome! :)
  • Welcome to the forum!  There is a loyal group of us who post in the General Chat section of News and Entertainment every day if you'd like to join us.  I'm from CA, have 4 horses and board 5 on my property.  Mostly have been doing trail riding but recently got a new horse and am going to start doing eventing again!  My teenage daughter also rides.

  • My horses are in KY, I'm in GA but one day I hope to be reunited. Life is strange.

    This is a new-ish format for all of us. The forum went through a transition recently so we are still figuring out how to get around!

    Welcome to you, though! You got yourself a firefighter and a future firefighter? (looking at your avatar)