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Cute Horse!!!

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Cute Horse!!!
  • There is a really cute horse at my instructor's house. He is an Arabian/Quarter Horse. He is completely black with a white star on his forehead. But.......he's owned by someone, and they really like him........ There is a very small chance that I'll get him!
    Ok, here's the deal. This horse is owned by a lady who really likes him. But he is lame on all four feet. She is boarding him at $700. She can't afford him, and can't ride him, so she's wasting her money. She wants to ride still, and loves the horse but can't afford him! She wants the horse to go to a good home for free! But, my riding instructor popped that bubble saying "We can get him fixed up. Let our shoer work on him." We have a shoer that works like magic. He's great, there's not a doubt in my mind....... And that's what worries me. I am in love with this horse!
    Please tell me your opinions, and I'll keep you posted on what happens!
  • It sounds to me like the horse  being corrected of his lameness is the most important thing at this point. A horse that is lame is a sad thing to see. It might take longer for the horse to mend then the owner is willing to wait, so you still might get him. But the main thing I think is to get him well again. How is he coming along?