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  • How do I post pictures? Please someone help! lol
  • This is a new format and all I've done so far is sized mine down really far and uploaded them from my computer. Then it turns out so tiny even after you click on it. There are others who are attaching links or URL's or something so don't despair, they'll be along directly. :)

  • Ok, Hi, Cinnamon.  When you start to type, the bar immediately above your typing has icons.  The icon all the way to the left is for insert media.  Click on that, use computer upload.  You will probably have to make your picture smaller for it to be accepted.  Then it can come here.  If it is gigantic when it gets here, you can play around and edit it to shrink it down some.  There might be an easier way, but this is the way I do it...thank you Stude for telling me.