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Flat footed in Pa

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Flat footed in Pa
  • Does anyone know anything about flat footed horses. Just found out mine is...Is there anything I can get for cheap to help her. I want the best for this girl she has had a rough life until now.
  • Not sure (I'm sure a lot of help!) but you can do alot with the right trimming. The sole of the hoof should really be concave and that can transform after a while. Is that what's flat? What kind of horse? Guessing TWH? :) (just a guess)

  • not sure If I can help but I got a free horse last year with flat hooves, the farrier told me anyway, I just kept riding her, I ride a lot of trails and on rocks and she was barefoot and over time her hoof naturally became more concave from hard riding while before I got her the owners just left her in a small pasture(probably what caused it) also shoeing over time causes it because the sole doesn't touch the ground as much as a barefoot one does, hope I don't sound like an idiot best of luck!