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RIP Chasta

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RIP Chasta
  • My horses was found this morning passed away... i dont know what happened or whatelse i am going down to say my goodbyes 
  • Once again, I'm very sad for you.  Hang in there sweetie.  RIP Chasta, you good girl.
  • so sorry for your loss. did you ever find out what happened to them? so devastating to loose two at once. agin i am so sorry.
  • I lost my Pinto Mustang last Nov. We suspect the kick did more than bruise a muscle but caused some kind of internal injury even the vet could not find. He was as shocked as we were when I went the next morning and she had passed. She seemed drugged but okay at dinner time as she had banamine given to her.

    It is never easy to lose them. Hugs and sorry for your loss.

    Have you checked your feed, hay and water?

  • So sorry for your loss. It is always a hard to lose a horse. <3 We are thinking of you during this trying time.

  • I am so sorry!My favorite horse had to be put down and the other had to be given back due to old age);