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Breeding/Pregnancy/abortion Question...

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Breeding/Pregnancy/abortion Question...
  • My mare is (should be) 10 months pregnant. Shes due in 4-5 weeks. I did have her preg checked by a veteranarian. He told me that she was "far enough along that palpating should be enough." He also confirmed by palpation that she was in foal. Well A couple days ago, she aborted a little tiny baby that weighed about 10-12 pounds. There is no WAY thar was a regular miscarriage. It was a fully formed palamino colt, that looked like a baby Mini horse. No way it could have ever lived. I was really sad and talked to the breeder to let her know. My mare is doing fine, just super clingy to me right now. Well.... shes also still HUGE, belly still hanging, AND her flanks are constantly moving like there is a live foal in there still!!

    I have an appointment with my vet.

    Has any one experienced a situation where a mare aborted one twin and carried the other to term?? Or possibly had the second twin early and it lived??

    Im also really mad at my vet. Because this could have been prevented. Now even if she has a live baby im worried the poor little guy will be under weight. Ive upped her food just in case, feeding as much as she will eat.
  • I have not really experience this but I think it is better to have your mare on an emergency check up. I am sure your vet will understand it. Or just simply give him or her a call regarding the current situation of your mare. It seems like this was posted years ago already. I apologize. Are there any updates regarding your horse? Are there no other problems except from the onces you mentioned? I do hope that your horse is doing great now. I am also planning to buy my own horse. Do you have some tips to share?