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Left front boxy hoof with damaged frog

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Left front boxy hoof with damaged frog

  • Hi,
    My question is about a 4 year old fresian lusitano mere.
    It started about 1 year and a half ago.
    The hoof started to become more boxy and the frog is deteriorating. Against the vet's to keep her upright, I started to gradually lower her heels. The frog started to form normally again but I'm still not sure if it would ever heal completely.
    Remarks :
    it is not trashed
    she was never lame
    she is broken
    lightly trained for dressage
    applied frequently some disinfectant
    In the attached pictures she is freshly shoed

    Do you have any info, similar case or knowledge on how to treat this condition? Any answer would be amazing. Thanks to all of you
  • Sounds like a club foot.  No pics showing.