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Slow feeders damaging teeth?

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Slow feeders damaging teeth?
  • Hi all,
    I'm currently working on a resource for Farmco.ag looking at the effects of slow feeders on horse teeth. Several posts have come up on Facebook and other places with people showing possible damage due to extended slow feeder use. We want to gather info that folks can use to assess the relative risks/benefits of different feeder designs.

    In particular, I'm curious whether:
    -You've seen examples of tooth damage due to slow hay feeders?
    -If so, what type(s) of slow hay feeders have you observed to cause dental damage?

    If anyone has photos of damage/or lack of damage from a particular feeder type, I'd be interested in seeing those as well. Thanks!
  • Some accounts from this forum says that adult horses are not affected by the slow feeders and it is the young ones who are prone to damage. That being said, I'm afraid I don't have pictures to show you. Sorry.

  • I have used slow feeders for years.  Some horses do well with them some don't.  It depends on how aggressive the horse is toward being a glutton.  My grilles were made of 1/4 inch rod and one mare ripped hers apart.  That girl didn't like the limits placed on her feed!  My Gelding is fine with a light  wire frame and patiently picks at the feeder all day.  He loves it.  Really depends on the horse and their temperament.

  • That is an interesting fact to consider. I guess horses are very much like children. We have how we care for them depending on who they are individually.

  • I consult my horse health from Stall M Rehab. They are the best.

  • I absolutely agree. My beauties are calm in their temperament and are also calm about slow feeders.