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16 Year Old Warmblood gelding Suffering from Seizures

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16 Year Old Warmblood gelding Suffering from Seizures
  • Hi Everyone! My 16-year old warmblood gelding recently started having seizures that we noticed just after he received his flu vaccination. My vet and a neurologist from UF believe they are due to an underlying condition that was perpetuated by the stress of the flu shot. He's had 12-episodes in a 5-week period. His hind legs paddle and he grits his teeth during the episodes in which he is laying down. He's a bit disoriented when he comes out of them. Prior to the start of the seizures, his food was changed to a low-starch diet, his joint supplement was changed from Actiflex 4000 to Cosequin w/MSM and he was taken off medication used for a blood circulation issue in his rear hock (aspirin and Isoxsuprine). According to my doctors, none of these changes should have resulted in seizures. A blood work panel was tested, blood cell counts, vitamin E and Selenium deficiency all came back normal and he tested negative for EPM. He is not exhibiting any signs of a brain tumor. He is also regularly vaccinated and dewormed. At this point, he's being treated with phenobarbital with the hopes that these are cluster seizures that will eventually subside. This has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I'm reaching out to anyone who can offer any suggestions for us. Thank you!!!

    Welcome and I am sorry you are having to deal with this very frightening situation.

    I use to rescue Great Danes and one had gran mal seizures.

    Diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. He lived most of his life on phenobarbitall.

    I can't imagine dealing with horse seizures.

  • It's hard to make suggestions when there are already doctors who have inspected the patient in person. Perhaps getting a second opinion?

  • How's the horse? Any update? Are they safe? Are you okay?