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Friday five days

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Friday five days
  • left in the month! Where did august go?
    I guess I better get bills paid.

    Long day in the car yesterday.
    We did make a couple stops on the way back to break it up a bit.

    I plan to do a volunteer shift tomorrow since I had to ditch on Thursday.

    Hay in the barn always makes me feel better.
    BIL has my bobcat so I need to delay getting rounds.

    Everyone have a great weekend!

  • Missing that boy. He's safe for now. Work: totally insane. Glad it's over! I should go work in the yard. I'll REALLY miss boy if I do yard work. He's pretty hard working out there. I don't know where the time went either.

    Puppy-girl has dental issues or something else going on with her face. No swelling but she starts to yawn then stops so I'm assuming it hurts. I know it'll be expensive.

    Okay, I have to go. I'm listening to ranting about the rough day. *sigh*