MK, I'm so sorry that you have to deal with those headaches. If I had one wish and remembered to think of others first, I'd wish for the end of that for you. And Tex. I'd wish for Tex. Trade ya. LOL Seriously, it's not a laughing matter. I know others who deal with it. Not fair. I remember a 6 week long headache once. It's bad to say that you get used to the pain but what's worse is the feeling that the lessor pain actually feels good.

BTW, I'm in love with a big black beautiful Perch/TB cross and heard today that she's had her feet done. But they were so bad. I really have a problem with someone saying "her feet are so flat". I think, with proper hoof care, the feet can be transformed. Yes it might take a year to "fix" them but the condition can be changed. And "welcome to the draft world" doesn't do it for me either.

Wow, I just saw the lady singing the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial. WOW! I think they said she's a principal.

Okay girlzilla was supposed to spend the night. I think she thought I'd nix it. (was counting on it.) When I didn't there was a bit more engineering of the situation and I, again, am the bad guy and she isn't staying here. But she did get money for her manicure, a new bathing suit and a night of partying with her friends. Poor girlzilla. But she isn't staying here tonight. YAY!

I'm so ready to apply to another location. I didn't want to say it but there was a job in Austin. I'll go see if it's still open. If so, I'm applying. Other than that , there's a job in Djibouti. Not wanting that but... in a pinch! ;)

Love you guys. OH boy is coming next Thursday. Super truly YAY.