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Wednesday it is wndy!

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Wednesday it is wndy!
  • B is spending the day. We went for a ride but the wind gusts were getting fierce so we gave up.
    Tex rides really well when he is paying attention. I need to ride him some more when my foot is healed.
    Sarcee is doing really well also. We need her to be ready for Maderchica.

    We watched our recorded tv show with my foot on ice.
    Pilot is doing his prep for Tday dinner. When he is done I'll get our buffalo chicken strips prepped for dinner tonight.

    A relaxing day except for the windy ride.

    Everyone have a wonderful windy Wednesday?
  • Wanda the witch on a windy winter Wednesday.... (I think that was Sesame Street or the Electric Company or some other kid show). We got to go home early so that was good. Work was strange - started the day with STILL no internet. So I did site visits and walked through 4 of my barracks. Found stuff that needed fixing. Of course. I have many more barracks to go.

    We're going to prep some tonight. We never did set in stone what we're having. Kids are coming Sunday (hopefully not Friday). I've got stuff to make but dessert, stuffing, butternut squash.... the bird. Bird tomorrow. We might take kids out down their end of the state. One kiddo is a cop and has to be at work at 8. Which means he gets off  duty that morning and really needs to sleep. He's my biggest concern. So if anyone's confused about what I'm doing, JOIN THE CROWD! :)