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Thursday the 3rd

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Thursday the 3rd
  • of September.
    Volunteer day again for me. It will be a long day.

    Yesterday was a long day also. I spent the day in Kville doing errands. Got a haircut (really short) and had a very late 3 o"clock lunch with B.
    Groceries after made for a very long day.

    Second water tank is underway and Pilot is going to start laying pipes today.

    We are hosting a small ride at Ever After on Monday. 6-8 riders.
    Then next week R should be ready to grade the east fence line so we can finally finish that section. His delay to finish another job came at a good time for us to work on the rainwater system.

    Cooler weather will be helpful working on fence.

    Dana I would suggest Boss for Penny's feet.

    Have a great Thursday everyone, the long weekend is almost here!

  • I'd love to see your hair! I can't open messages here - or at least I can't figure out how to. It's great that Ever After is going to see some trail action! That will be fun! Do you have anyone living there? I so wish I was closer.

    There's been a drought in these parts and TA-DA! Our well is barely producing water. Someone is freaking out but that does no good. I guess we should be praying for rain. "We" are just not used to dealing with wells and truthfully, I've never had one go dry. It builds up enough overnight to take a shower. We might nurse it along. We weren't sure and had a bozo come out and try to pull the pump and royally messed up. Had to call another company and we ended up replacing the pump. It's 20yrs old now. It was due to be replaced. HOWEVER it wasn't the problem. If we frack we might open up another vein but we might not. If we don't we can do a new well but we are going to try to avoid that.

    Anyway....It's my Friday! We are going to the insane house tomorrow. ONE HOUR that's what I've been told. And that's all. I can do that. Just for that new Jarhead.

    Glad the day is done.