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merry cristmas!

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merry cristmas!
  • I do not have a horse yet but I wanted to share something's I got for Christmas. P.S. I am not trying to brag so please do not dislike although people like me so thanks! Ok the first thing I got was a pair of moccasins and a new pair of western riding boots. Then I got these infinity scarves and skittles lip balm. Tall socks for boots and a blanket from family in Arizona.my younger sister got me a new shedding blade for winter and a book. My grandparents also got me diary of a wimpy kid long haul that I really wanted. My 2 year old brother picked out perfume and said coey yego one! (Chloe yellow one) and 40$ and a colorful spotted pony with a clip that is so cute and I have no clue really how I got her there was this random stuff and my my just let me keep her. I call her nickle don't judge don't ask its just cute so ya. MERRY CRISTMAS/holidays :)
  • Sounds like some good Christmas loot! I got some books, too! And chocolate! yum. I got some perfume too!

  • Good for you! I also got chocolate I forgot! :)

  • Sorry that my my was supposed to be my mom :)

  • Your dog is cute on your picture! Is he a Beagle?

  • Also how old are you? I am only 10

  • About the pony; is he a Bryer, stuffed, or the real deal?

  • hey guys can I join ur conversation?