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Pine Shavings

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Pine Shavings
  • Are Pine shavings poisonous for horses?
  • No, in fact pine is common and sometimes preferred as bedding for horses.

    Shavings from fir and pine are often the main type used for "white shavings" commonly packaged for horses.

    Shavings to generally avoid or be cautious about are shavings from hardwoods like maple, some types of oak, and fruit and nut trees, like black walnut in particular.
  • especially black walnut,   I have heard, read, somewhere that
    a horse standing on blackwalnut shavings or sawdust can
    develope laminitis in as little as 20 minutes.
  • i love using shavings....... i prob put in about 9bags of shavings .........and then about a week later i had this type of bedding they look like pellets and when they get wet they brake apaet and become this sand like stuff i love that stuff as well
  • I prefer rice hulls... they have a lot of cush without having to bed them really deep (which isn't ideal) and they last 3-4 times longer than pine shavings.  And they are soooooooo easy to pick through.  No wasted bedding.