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We bought her!

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We bought her!
  • This girl can run!  She discovered how much fun it was to stretch her long legs and go from pasture to pasture and she is starting to let loose and buck and be sassy towards the dogs ':)'  Good to see her relax.  We were hanging out in the pasture and she came up to us for the first time ever and started being friendly and hanging out and asking for scratches ':)'
    Kelly decided not to take her to  the show tomorrow, we'll start with smaller outings ':)'
  • Sounds a lot like my Condessa only about twelve years younger.  Ah, if only I had known about the old girl four years ago... then again it wouldn't have worked then anyway.

    Well, your girl seems to be turning out okay.  Kelly made a wise decision.  Best to go slow with this kind. &nbsp';P'onying around would likely be an excellent way to start out.

    Best of everything with her![':D']