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We bought her!

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We bought her!
  • Have been emailing back and forth with the owner, said there is no reason this mare can't be put under saddle.  She wanted $1000 for her but has had some people flake out on her and asked if we could offer more than $500.  Kelly has offered to pitch in some $ and the lady said she'd take $700 so that the mare would get a good home.  Might go out and see her tomorrowm, about an hour's drive away...... haven't heard on my trailer yet...... shame to go, love her and not be able to bring her home, have to spend gas $ all over again.
  • Where is she? no pics? I know you're having picture issues...
  • You weren't kidding when you said she was gorgeous. I think I'd rather have a 9 year old unbroke horse than a 9 year old spoiled broke one.
  • We drove out to see the mare this afternoon, about 1 1/2 hours each way and she is as gorgeous in person as she is in photos except she's getting her winter woolies so not as sleek or dark.  She's a nice size, not a blemish on her.  Put her in a bull-pen and watched her move, fantastic shoulder on her, moves so beautifully.  Even when the lady was leading her through the yard, she was overstriding by about 6 inches.  She was a little hyper at first, they just moved their whole barn of gorgeous horses to this facility 2 days ago but she just blew loudly and walked on her tip-toes, didn't do anything nuts.  After about 10 min. she started to focus on Kelly and nuzzle her and seems to be friendly.  She's lived with this family all her life, belonged to the lady's mother who died recently, she's had good care and handling, had one foal and when she was younger they had done her ground work and had a saddle on her and then just got too busy so she's been a pasture ornament for the most part.  She had only been trailered once but she climbed right in ':)'  I honestly couldn't find a conformational fault on her.
    So, we figure we'll just review groundwork and fill in any holes and then just start ponying her on trail and taking her places since she's never really gone anywhere.  Kelly is smiling from ear to ear ':)'
  • She's breathtaking. Go Kelly! [':D']
  • I found her on craigslist and am delighted that this is the horse you have chosen.  She is certainly a head turner.  Hoping that she and Kelly 'click' and make a long time team.
  • Yeowzza wow! She is gor-ge-ous!!
    Advice for Kelly- start from zero. 
    Don't gloss over because you think someone taught her. Teach her your way. (because you'll be keeping her [';)'])
  • I agree with DH. Don't cut any corners. I don't think she'll be a project and sell horse, either. [':)']
  • WOW!!!!  What a looker she is!  Congrats!  im totally jealous!
  • Yep, starting over with her.  Kelly wanted to give her a bath this afternoon while I was at work and the mare had other ideas.... she kept wrapping herself around the pole.  She didn't pull and didn't walk over Kelly though so those are positives.  We'll try it again if it's warm enough this weekend and she'll learn how to stand still and take her bath like a woman ':)'
    Need to get some pictures of her with Kelly.  They are cute together.  I love watching her just walk, she is so athletic.  She didn't want her fly mask on this morning so she got pushed out until she decided to give her head.  Need to get her feet done.
  • When Dani moved away from the hose, I positioned the water so wherever she walked, she walked into the water. [':)'] But we spent a lot of time just doing legs.
    Can't wait for pictures!! (Kelly's in love!) Is Shay loving her, too?
  • Shay says she's very pretty when she gallops but she's annoying because she whinnies so loud!  She's still stressed about being in a new place and not being able to see everyone, used to living in a mare motel.  She'll be happier once she's out with the herd.  Hubby's first words this morning, "Is that Kelly's new horse screaming it's head off out there?"  Probably!  The other horses tend to move to the back pasture, out of sight first thing in the morning, then come thundering back for feed.
  • She is indeed beautiful!  So sad that one has to cross out to get the same conformation as the old Polish breeding.  She would definitely make a good driving horse. &nbsp';P'erfect conformation for it.  How's her mind?  Nine years old is a bit late to start one out.
  • She is not used to being handled a lot since she was a broodmare but is very respectful of our space, spooks in place, leads well and can be touched all over.  Kelly took a pad and rubbed it on her, swung it around and it didn't seem to bother her.  She's not used to a fly mask but if I follow her into a corner, she will turn and face me and hold still just with my hand on her neck to stop her.  Even though she'd only been in a trailer once, the previous week before we bought her, she got right in so she is obedient.  We have a 3 day weekend and a week coming up off for Thanksgiving so we'll get more of a chance to get to know her.
    We might take her out on a ride today, pony her in the arena and see how she does first.  Farrier is coming today.  Bummer we took down the round pen so the arena is bigger.  We'll see if she lunges.