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Tempting project pony?

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Tempting project pony?
  • Saw this mare on craigslist.  She looks absolutely adorable and the price is very tempting.  Could be a fun project for Kelly and I to take on and sell later.  Any thoughts?  Her shoulder looks a little upright but her pasterns look OK so not sure if it's just the way she's posed?
  • Went to see her, she's darling.  They rescued her from an abusive home, has a still healing tear/cut in the corner of mouth. She's head shy but they said she's a lot better than she was.  She is very forward moving, willing girl, still learning canter transitions and to keep cantering.  She seems to be slightly off in her left hind though and when I picked up that foot the first time, she kicked out but didn't on the other side.  She is kept with a QH gelding and had quite a few healing bites on her topside and a fresh kick mark and some swelling on the rear cannon in that side.  Kelly had fun with her, would like her but I'm wary.  When I asked the guy he said she hadn't ever been off and wasn't.  For $500 it isn't worth vetting her so trying to decide .... Is it a temporary or a permanent injury?  What to do ..... She's so cute and would make a great mid-size pony hunter.
  • Wow. I'm in love. My question is: the guy rescues her from an abusive home and wants $500 firm and KNOWS she's never been off? How long has he had her? Maybe I need to read again. Does he know your history with animals? Maybe you should give him a written proposal including your full history, dogs and horses.... and... um... wasn't there some other critters you've rescued? THEN when you get the pony finished you can sell her for X amount and offer him a share of that.
    One time I borrowed a horse and the owner left instructions for me to use a nylon bit. (she wasn't there). While riding him I tried to back him up and he resisted, quite stubbornly. I put steady pressure on his mouth while asking him to back. He's a seasoned vet, he "knew better". Stupid me never thought to check the bit and, though I noticed it was rough when I put it in his mouth I had no experience with that bit but was following the owners wishes. Poor Smokey got a cut on his mouth and I felt like a total heel when his owner came back and discovered it. (I didn't know that it happened but it made sense looking back) I didn't saw my reins or jerk on his mouth but it happened.
    My  horses used to tear each other up. marks, teeth, hoof and otherwise galore.
    She might be worked in one direction and her muscles aren't balanced, ya know what I mean? Did you check her symmetry? (I love geometry) [':D']
     I know you have a heart that will lead you in the right direction. Just food for thought.
  • Jet jerks his rears even after picking them up for you. Chica and Tex both do on the left rear also, they just need more work with it.

    The cut on her mouth could be from anything?
    I passed on a great horse that was *very* head shy.
    I worked for a couple months on it and couldn't get any improvement. 
    She is cute like a mini Tex. 

    Good luck making a decision. 
  • She's at a place that sells sporthorse ponies.  Any green pony they bring in is considered a prospect and is offered at $500.  They've had her several months.  When they got her, the vet had to stitch the corner of her mouth up and they had to ride her in a hackamore.  They put a snaffle on her yesterday but it looked very raw after Kelly rode her so if we got her, we'd use a bitless until it is completely healed.  Strangely, she was fine with having the corner of her mouth touched.  You'd think she'd be touchy. 
    She's not lame lame like Spirit, you just see it sometimes and I tried to take a picture but her musculature on her behind is slightly different, you know how they have a crease down their haunch?  She has it on the other side but not so much on the side that appears to be off.  Sigh...... torn because Kelly really likes her, said her trot is so comfortable, is excited about having her but I don't want to end up with a lame pony that is only 6, although as little as she is off, she could be a trail pony if she isn't in pain.  Hmmmmm, wish there was a magic ball we could look into to tell the future.  She hasn't been ridden in a couple months, he said.  They have too many ponies right now and the boy that was riding her has a health issue.
    Gonna mull on it for a bit and if she's already sold, so be it.....
  • Horse dealers and car jockeys, LOL, don't trust a word either says!  I can attest that every Quarter Pony I've ever seen was really wonderful.  In fact, Chance, who looks a lot like this girl, is a real sweetheart.  Better off thinking about it and making a well considered decision than rushing into a horse purchase of any kind.  Best of luck!
  • No matter what the owners are asking, a vet check is necessary; unless you are willing to keep a pasture ornament or euthanize the horse. I wouldn't buy the pony unless she(?) passes (and that's always subject to what the new owner wants) a vet check. She's darling. My first horse was a "Quarter Pony", although they were not a breed then. He was awesome!
  • Ah... the ad's been pulled from Craig's list!   so the plot thickens!
    Did Dana succumb to temptation???
  • Nope, decided not to get her.  I called the wife and she was adamant that she was not and had never been lame, said they hadn't been working with her feet much and some horses kick like that..... so we're continuing our search for a sound project pony.  I guess either the lady went and looked at her and saw that she was lame/off or they sold her.