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Bought a tractor!!

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Bought a tractor!!
  • Hubbyand I went and looked at a tractor tonight near here, good deal, had them start it up, pull it out and put it through it's paces, hubby checked the transmission and engine oil, all good.  Were able to get it for $500 less than asking because one of the tires ($400 each) needs replacing.  Hubby is doing to drive it home tomorrow night.  Now we'll be able to keep the arena footing good, knock down weeds and maintain our dirt road!  2 mo. ago, I had someone do the arena and road for $600 and it rained 2 days later and that was that....... this will be much better :) 
  • Yay for the new tractor! Are you going to get to drive it sometimes? [';)']
  • Did you get a John Deere? Nothing runs like a Deere. [':D']
  • It's a Ford and yes, I'm going to drive it!  The girls want to learn too.  Can't wait to get our arena back in shape.  It's like rock right now because I got it graded, then it rained so it's like concrete.......
  • Howdy Dana,
    Fords make great trucks and tractors but one thing to watch for on those ford Tractors is the valves on the engine it burns up easily with no oil in it and sometimes with to much oil. It seems like your hubby knows how to check his vehicles and I personally have a tractor to but it is a John Deere and I have a lawn tractor that my son uses for the fun of it to be like me it is a John Deere too. Anyways just trying to help a fellow person. I have the trucks by ford it actually the only ones I will by. by the way is it a diesel or gas and what year is it my brother has a 67 Ford tractor diesel I had to rebuild it for him because he ran it out of oil but then again he dosen't take care of his vehicles.
  • Here's hubby and our niece running the tractor this last weekend ':)'

  • [':D'] You said 'Ford'. I was thinking 'blue'. Nice looking tractor. Looks like they both were having fun.