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Carpenter Bees! HELP!!!

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Carpenter Bees! HELP!!!
  • I seem to have a bunch of carpenter bees in my barn.  The little dears are eating the inside of the horse barn (only the part that's not pressure-treated wood) and I've seen a few heading to the roof joists.  I generally leave bees alone as they aren't any bother but I've never had carpenter bees before.  Anyone know how to get rid of them without the risk of poisoning any of my critters? 
  • They are horrible this year!  Not just out in the barn but also by our house since its log sided.

    One of my co-workers told me about a carpenter bee trap you can easily build and supposedly works well.  Here is the video he pointed me towards and I will be making one of these this weekend to see how it goes:

  • Thank You!  We'll be building a couple of these this weekend.  Now if I could just figure out how to get rid of Canadian geese except the pair with goslings....
  • A nearby school has had luck with a life size coyote cut out.  It is on a rod and I think it pivots with the wind.  Alas, if it scares one, I would think it would scare them all.  Maybe the pair with babies would stay until they could fly?
  • I found some in a post last year when I was painting my house (actually I found the holes and didn't know what they were). I have a friend who is a building contractor but he also has a bachelor's degree in entomology. He said the holes are where the bees lay their eggs. He told me to use a nail or similar item to kill and pull out the larvae then use filler to fill the holes. The larvae are the problem (eating the wood).

    Good luck.
  • Depends on the type of carpenter bees you have.  Some sub-species not only tunnel in, but then angle off to make a safe area for their larvae.  If you have that type around you won't be able to reach them with a nail.

    Plus while the larvae may do the most damage, I'm not too fond of all the little drilled holes the adults make either.