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  • i have got a limping horse but i dont know if her leg is broken or not we r going to call the vet but i want know if it is just a broken leg or something else
  • Ahhh, poor girl.  I certainly hope not.  Is she putting weight on it?  Hope the vet has good news!
  • Last time Zag limped he had gotten too frisky and I think he twisted something.  He was nearly 3-legged but got better in just a few days. 

    Miles limps if his feet hurt - he has issues. LOTs of medical issues.

    Bully has limped if something is in his foot.

    Dani limped recently when Bully "stepped on her foot".  OUCH!

    If the leg was broken I don't think she'd put much weight on it.   Have you cleaned out her feet real good?  Does she get trimmed?  Sometimes they limp after they are trimmed if it's too short.
  • well shes trying not to
  • Maybe she's getting better!
  • oh, well maybe ill have to keep an eye on her to see if she is
  • Do you have any Bute? might make her feel better, till the Doc. can get there.