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Grasshoppers! Need them G O N E

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Grasshoppers! Need them G O N E
  • These things are big and can fly ... they give me the creeps.   Know anyway to get rid of them?  Please share it with me .... thanks in advance   Sandy
  • Yuck!  Hate it when they hop on you and get stuck!  Big birds of some sort???  Goodluck!
  • Barn cats? Ours play with the grasshoppers then eat them. I can see a definite reduction in their population.
  • I noticed this thread but had nothing really to contribute so I passed it by.  NOW however, I've been somewhere with serious grasshopper infestation.  HOLY SMOKEY BEAR!  I've never seen such grasshoppers in  my life!!  It was at Gunslinger's place.  He said geese would help and I'm like :  um.... so why don't you have geese? [':)']  I'd have so many geese you'd have to wade through them!  Wonder how grasshopper fed geese would taste?
  • Can't get much sleep with geese around .....
    Grass hoppers gettin fat here on my garden, If I could make money farmin grass hoppers this would be a bumper crop!
  • Grasshopper? What's a grasshopper?! I have a bunch a guineas, so there isn't a grasshopper within a quarter of a mile of the house.
  • [X(]Do you rent them fowl out?
    it  would take a good size bunch to thin out these.  We must be at the peak of some cycle.