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Suggestions for bored pony on dry lot?

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Suggestions for bored pony on dry lot?
  • Due to a laminitic episode, one of our poor ponies is doomed to a life of boredom on dry lot (at least for the next few weeks until he can back out in the pasture with his grazing muzzle).  He is so unhappy.  He has a Jolly Ball that amuses him for about 30 seconds each day.  Any suggestions on toys that might keep him busy for a while?  They can't be toys that involve treats though so things like the Amazing Graze are out.  Thoughts?
  • I know of a lot of horses that really like just a plain empty milk jug, just take the cap off and throw it out there, cheap and don't need treats in there.
  • Maybe a Donkey for company?
    Sorry but our animals are not big on toys.
    They will however take great pains to play with and carry off the feed pans should we leave them in the paddock.
  • A clean old tire can be fun, traffic cones, a big yoga ball (doesn't last long but is cheap), a sprinkler turned on, a tarp laid on the ground (my guys play tug-o-war with it!) but mainly having a buddy to hang out with.
  • Is there any chance another pony or horse could be put in there with him?  That is the best thing.  My boys don't play with toys but seem to be happy enough in the dry lot as long as they have company.
  • No chance of putting anyone else out there with him as the dry lot is really my lunging pen and only measures 80 x 80', plus I would feel like I was torturing someone else needlessly!  I do have cones...suppose I could throw one or two out there with him in the a.m. and see what he does to them (notice I didn't say "what he will do with them"!).   I thought of getting one of the big horse balls for him (I know a yoga ball would be trashed in a day) but he really only needs to be in there for a few weeks and they are so expensive.  The pen fenceline does meet one of the pastures and he does try and play over the fence if one of the big horses will come to him.  I just feel bad for him, he is definitely lonely and bored!
  • Grab an annoying neighborhood dog and tie him out there.  That oughta brighten his day!  How about a bunny in a cage?  OH!!!  A hamster ball!!!  If you can find one big enough for a cat, I've got an extra cat you can have!
  • That is SOOO cool! I love that horse!!