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Snow in South Carolina

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Snow in South Carolina
  • We had a RARE snow storm in SC Friday night which allowed me to achieve a fantasy of mine, riding in the snow!  Snow in SC is great, it comes, you play, and by the end of the day it is GONE!


    Here is video of me moving horses into the pasture.
    Moving horses into the pasture

  • That was beautiful!  I could have watched that all day!  Peaceful, yet fun.  Nice herd you got there!  Who's alpha?  That last one you put in sure got their attention, they came right over!  So, who's who?  At least we know if we come visit you'll have horses to ride!  I have 4 and only one is rideable at the moment.   You have five!
    AND I love your place.  Love the barn, fence trees... 
    And you're a nice looking guy!
  • We actually have 6 horses.

    In order of appearance:
    Fancy - My horse - Register Solid Paint and American Buckskin
    Cheyenne - Paint
    Riyala T - Arabian
    Eros - Paint
    Dan - Quarter horse - He took off so fast you see very little of him and he just hangs out at the round bale.
    Starr - Arabian

    Dan is the boss. He is the one that put my wife in the hospital for a week with the hand injury. Eros is the horse he was pushing chasing that day.

    The current pecking order is: Dan, Fancy, Eros, Cheyenne, Starr, Riyala T.

  • Thanks for sharing.  Their reactions are like that of little kids!!  Starr was funny because she kept spooking, right into more of the stuff!!