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Tuesday go through

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Tuesday go through
  • some old files.
    I was looking for something particular to help someone with something that will be beneficial to me down the road.
    Clear as mud.

    Sis got her transfer in.
    I am going to hand graze the horses later. Pilot is going to town for mail and deer feed.
    Just diddling around putting stuff away. Printing new calendar etc...
    Need to change a Dr. appt.

    I hope everyone is having more fun than me on this Tuesday.
  • Not much fun today but my coworkers are great to work with so, even the not-so-great days are good.

    It was in the negatives this morning with the wind chill. Yet our HVAC contractor won't fix units because they're not going to go on the roof of some buildings. The HVAC units are too close to the edge. UGH. Hard to explain that to freezing customers. I plan to move that along a little tomorrow. Hopefully pipes won't freeze and bust.

    Where's Stude? We need participation here, folks! Not to mention we'd love to know you're okay. Okay? :)

    I think the forum isn't the easiest to navigate. I don't spend much time looking around. It doesn't appear that user friendly or inviting. hmm.... Anyway, I'm thankful I've got so many friends from this place!!